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      1. ”””ńBrief Introduction
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        Add: JinBao Road Zhenhai Economic Development Zone Ningbo China
        Tel: 0086-574-86303943 86303971 86303940
        Fax: 0086-574-86303971
        E-mail: nbhm@mail.nbptt.zj.cn
        Formerly known as Ningbo Hydraulic Motor Plant, our company is one of the specially appointed 220 national ”°Revival Basic Machinery and basic parts”± manufacturers approved by the State Planning Commission and Mechanical Ministry and one of the specially appointed manufacturers of the state for producing low-speed big torsion hydraulic motors. In 1987, we were appraised as the provincial advanced enterprise. In 1997, we were appraised as national high and new technology enterprise and listed as the national demonstrative enterprise for CAD project application. In 1999, we passed ISO9002 quality system certification. The radial ball plug type low-speed big torsion hydraulic motors developed by ourselves have won the 2nd prize of scientific research fruits at Zhengjiang Science Congress. In 1996, we actively carried out trail-produce of ZJM series hydraulic motors on the basis of the world up-to-date technology from which we benefited. And this was listed as one of projects of Torch Plan by the State Science Commission of the year 1998. We have set up city-level hydraulic technology center, which can undertake design and trail-produce for hydraulic system and complete set of hydraulic equipment. The products listed in this catalog are all put into production. Should clients have additional requirements regarding the installation size and technical parameter, we can redesign to meet their demands under general circumstances.

        QJM hydraulic motors are applied to various kinds of oil pumps, valves and hydraulic accessories to form a complete set of hydraulic transmission device. As many solutions are taken into consideration in the design, it may fit for various operation modes of machine. This kinds of motor features such advantages as light, compact, large range of speed, stepped variable, automatic shut-off of mechanical brake, fine low-speed stability, reliable performance, shock0resistance, high efficiency, and long service life etc. Presently, the motors are widely applied in construction engineering, hoisting & transportation, metallurgic and heavy industry, oil, coal mine, vessel, machine tool, light industry and injection molding, geologic prospecting and other departments for directly driving crawler belts, rail wheels, various turning and hoisting mechanisms, prospecting drills, belt conveyance, material agitating, road cutting vessel propulsion, plastic premolding institutions.